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Experimental investigation on hydrogen-rich fuel mixtures (H2/CH4/CO) doped with C6H6 in a 20 kW semi-industrial scale furnace

Marianna Cafiero; Saurabh Sharma; M. Mustafa Kamal; Axel Coussement; Alessandro Parente

Related person(s)
Alberto Procacci; Himanshu Dave

Thesis supervisor(s)

Alessandro Parente; Hervé Jeanmart

The effects of benzene doping H2-rich fuel mixtures have been investigated in a semi-industrial furnace integrated with a recuperative burner of 20 kW of nominal power. The tested fuels consist of an H2/ CH4/CO blend, doped with a progressive addition of C6H6 (up to 5% v/v). This fuel blend represents a surrogate of a more complex Coke Oven Gas (COG) industrial mixture, an attractive by-product of coal carbonization. The relative ratios of H2, CH4, and CO correspond to the ones of a typical COG mixture. The emissions, along with the OH* and CH* chemiluminescence emissions and the flame temperatures were monitored under a wide range of equivalence ratios, i.e. Φ=0.71, 0.80, 0.91, 1.00, 1.05, 1.10, 1.20. The thermal input was kept constant at 20 kW for all the investigated cases, hence the flow rate of the fuel was decreased when C6H6 was added to the reference mixture due to the increase of the lower calorific value. The exhaust gas composition was monitored by means of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) analyzer from HORIBA® (HORIBA MEXA-ONE), equipped with a paramagnetic analyzer (MPA) for O2 measurements. On the other hand, OH* and CH* chemiluminescence imaging was carried out by means of an IRO (Intensified Relay Optics) and a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) camera 1.4 M (La Vision 1392 x 1040 pixels) coupled with UV 78mm f/3.8 lens and two interferential filters to collect the chemiluminescence emitted by OH* (310 ± 10 nm) and CH* (438 ± 24 nm). Finally, in-situ flame temperature measurements were also performed by using an air-cooled suction pyrometer probe equipped with a B-type thermocouple.


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