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Euclid: Modelling massive neutrinos in cosmology — a code comparison (data repository)

Adamek, Julian; Angulo, Raul E.; Arnold, Christian; Baldi, Marco; Biagetti, Matteo; Bose, Benjamin; Carbone, Carmelita; Castro, Tiago; Dakin, Jeppe; Dolag, Klaus; Elbers, Willem; Fidler, Christian; Giocoli, Carlo; Hannestad, Steen; Hassani, Farbod; Hernández-Aguayo, César; Koyama, Kazuya; Li, Baojiu; Mauland, Renate; Monaco, Pierluigi; Moretti, Chiara; Mota, David F.; Partmann, Christian; Parimbelli, Gabriele; Potter, Douglas; Schneider, Aurel; Schulz, Sebastian; Smith, Robert E.; Springel, Volker; Stadel, Joachim; Tram, Thomas; Viel, Matteo; Villaescusa-Navarro, Francisco; Winther, Hans A.; Wright, Bill S.; Zennaro, Matteo

This is the main repository for a distributed data set associated with the paper ‘Euclid: Modelling massive neutrinos in cosmology — a code comparison’. This record holds the scripts needed for generating all figures and power spectra, as well as some demonstration scripts. All is governed by a Makefile, which can also be used to download further data records. The finished figures are included as well.

This is a direct record of the GitHub repository jmd-dk/nucodecomp-data. To get started exploring the data, download and extract the ZIP file contained within this record, or clone the Git repository:

git clone

See the file for further detailed explanation, previewed below but best displayed on GitHub.

Links to records for the distributed data set:

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