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sherpa/sherpa: Sherpa 4.15.0

Doug Burke; Omar Laurino; wmclaugh; dtnguyen2; Hans Moritz Günther; Marie-Terrell; Aneta Siemiginowska; Jamie Budynkiewicz; Harlan Cheer; Tom Aldcroft; Christoph Deil; Brigitta Sipőcz; Johannes Buchner; Axel Donath; Iva Laginja; Katrin Leinweber; nplee; Todd

Sherpa 4.15.0

This release of Sherpa includes various enhancements, documentation updates, bug fixes, and infrastructure changes.

  • enhancements:
    • Improved validation of arguments when creating Data objects:
      • arrays sent to Data objects are now converted to ndarrays
      • the independent axis is now made read-only
      • the size of a data object is now fixed.
    • Filter setting with notice/ignore are reported to the screen for the users of the UI layer.
    • Increased test coverage for plotting
  • documentation changes:
    • updated readthedocs to use pip and pytest instead of
    • several updates to documentation, including updates to fake_pha, calc_ftest, calc_mlr
  • Infrastructure changes:
    • Drop support for Python 3.7
    • Updates to start creating Python 3.10 Conda packages.
    • Use Numpy 1.20 for Python 3.8/3.9 and Numpy 1.21 for Python 3.10.
    • Moves toward PEP-517 with some distutils cleanup and more configuration moved from to setup.cfg
    • Various improvements to the GitHub Actions and GitLab workflows
  • bug fixes:
    • Ensure chi2xspecvar errors match XSPEC when 0 counts are present during background subtraction
    • Remove model instances from the global symbol table when clean is called
    • Addresses new warnings in the tests for Matplotlib 3.6.0 and AstroPy 5.1
    • Minor copy and paste error in fake_pha docstring
    • Test issues in due to randomness
Details 1329 - Build updates (move towards PEP-517 support)
Move the Sherpa build system towards a more static configuration (PEP 517)
1412 - XSPEC: initialize XSPEC library at load time
Simplify how and when the XSPEC model library is initialized. Fixes #1388
1477 - Add data validation
Improve the validation of arguments when creating Data objects- Arrays sent to
Data objects are now converted to ndarrays, the independent axis is now made
read-only, the size of a data object is now fixed.
1504 - CI: rework setup
Update the GitHub workflows for Continuous Integration to better take advantage
of the workflow language.
1505 - RTD use pip/pytest rather than for install/develop/test
Change the RTD documentation to use pip and pytest rather than when
building and testing Sherpa
1507 - tests: ensure DS9 window is closed after the tests
Ensure that any DS9 process started by the Sherpa tests is closed when the tests
are finished.
1510 - Tests: improve test coverage of plot code
Improve the testing coverage for several plot routines.
1513 - Minor UI tweaks
Added validation to the set_xlog/ylog/xlinear/ylinear and updated save_model,
save_source, save_resid, and save_delchi commands from sherpa.ui to not error
out if not given an explicit identifier.
1516 - Consolidate plot and set_xlog handling
Use the same labels for the plot and set_xlog/set_ylog/set_xlinear/set_ylinear
functions. As a result, a number of names can no-longer be used as an identifier
for a dataset (bkg_chisqr, bkg_delchi, bkg_fit, bkg_model, bkg_ratio, bkg_resid,
1519 - Use direct html links instead of using [1] and a reference section
This replaces the use of a "References" section with direct URL links in
particular in cases where the reference is just a plain old HTML website and
not a scholarly publication.
1523 - Ensure the region-lib code is re-generated when needed
Fix a build issue with clang where the region-library code caused an error
1529 - Add arguments to -i in sed calls in config script
Update sed command in config script for improved portability
1532 - Add plot related tests
Add more tests to cover corner case scenarios (mostly plotting related).
1534 - docs: fix calc_ftest/mlr documentation
Note that calc_ftest and calc_mlr can return an array or scalar value, depending
on the input.
1536 - Tests: add more tests of get_order_plot/plot_order
Add a test for multiple orders and plot_order.
1537 - Remove model instances from the global symbol table when clean is called
Ensure that models are removed when clean() is called.
1538 - Ensure chi2xspecvar errors match XSPEC when 0 counts are present during background subtraction
When using the chi2xspecvar statistic for estimating PHA errors, ensure that the
errors match those calculated by XSPEC when the background is subtracted and the
source or background group contains 0 counts
1540 - Tests: fix the random seed for a fake_pha test
Remove randomness from a test.
1547 - Fix CI failures from AstroPy 5.1 warning changes
Allow the macOS tests to run on CI with AstroPy 5.1.
1554 - Install New libxcb Dependencies for Qt
For Linux GitHub Actions, we now install libxcb dependencies required for
Conda's Qt package.
1555 - Bump the ci-pip-arch workflow to ubuntu-20.04
Update to use ubuntu 20 as GutHub Actions is deprecating ubuntu 18.04
1562 - report the change in the filter because of calls to notice and ignore
When a notice or ignore call - including the variants like notice_id and
ignore2d - then the change in the filter is reported to the screen (for users
of the ui layer).
1563 - Add Python 3.10 Conda Builds, Drop Python 3.7 and Numpy <1.20, Switch to Pip for Conda Builds
Drop official support for Python 3.7 and start creating Python 3.10 Conda
packages. Our Conda builds now use Numpy 1.20 for Python 3.8/3.9 and
Numpy 1.21 for Python 3.10.
1566 - GitLab: Add version info to deploy test, update test OS, and allow interrupt.
Updates to gitlab to support automated tests, save version info, set default to
interruptible to allow canceling pipelines, and switched to source conda instead
of adding it to the path
1567 - Fix minor copy and paste error in fake_pha docstring
Make UI layer fake_pha work for XMM/RGS by accepting input of arf=None when an
RMF file is given.
1569 - Minor changes to the fake_pha test added in #1567
Internal changes to the test added for fake_pha in #1567
1572 - Tests: fix a logical test error
Fix a logical error in a plotting test.
1574 - Avoid occasional test errors from Tcl_AsyncDelete
Switch the matplotlib tests to use the Agg backend to avoid possible
Tcl_AsyncDelete errors (issue #1509)
1578 - Gitlab: Reduce artifact retention period
reduces artifact retention from 2 weeks to 3 days due to new gitlab 5gb
1579 - Add back --python removed in #1566
reinserts --python flag that was accidentally removed in #1566
1580 -add a versionchanged note for the fake_pha command
Update the documentation to note the change to fake_pha in #1567
1585 - Tests: work around matplotlib 3.6.0 warning
Allow the tests to pass when run with matplotlib version 3.6.0.
1589 - Set the language when building the documentation
Ensure the language setting is defined for recent versions of Sphinx
1594 - gitlab-ci: Set build num to 0 if not set
Set the default Sherpa build number to 0 in our GitLab workflow to know which
package to run deploy tests on for official release builds.
1600 - Change the histogram1d and 2d routines so that they do not sort the input arguments
Address some failures in histogram1d and histogram2d routines by making sure
they copy the input arguments before sorting them.
  • There are known issues (#1602, #1605, #1606) in the histogram1d/histogram2d functions leading to failures which were not fully addressed in this release (see the failed case in the second histogram1d example). This is not the Sherpa core functionality and numpy.histogram can be used if needed.
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