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GOhydro D5.2 Communication and dissemination plan (1st version)

Eleni Makarona; Panagiotis Zervas; Bhim Bahadur Ghaley; Reed Cowden; Oliviu Matei; Daniela Delinschi; Niklas Galler; Teodor Rusu

Deliverable 5.2 (D5.2) describes the plan of the GOHYDRO consortium to maximize the visibility and dissemination of the project’s results. The plan contains three key strategic directions (a) Raising public awareness and ensuring maximum visibility of the project key facts, outputs and findings amongst the public; (b) Supporting the transfer of project results and engagement from key stakeholders in academia and industry (c) Enhancing the commercial potential of the results and users’ reception. The latter direction will be more pertinent after the first year of the project after a considerable amount of results will have been generated, therefore a provision was made for D5.2 to have two versions; a first version delivered at M3 of the project identifying the dissemination and communication strategy to be followed and a second updated version at M12 after the generation of concrete results targeting in a more specific manner interested stakeholders in order to increase the commercial potential of the GOHYDRO outcomes.

This first version of D5.2 describes in Chapter 1 the greater concept of the Dissemination and Communication Strategy that the consortium has opted to follow, in Chapter 2 the specific steps that have been taken so far and have mostly to do with the social media presence and general audience approach, and finally Chapter 3 summarizes the steps that will be taken during the remaining 9 months of Year 1 of the project.

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