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Andrea Aime; Jody Garnett; Daniele Romagnoli; Ian Turton; Ben Caradoc-Davies; Torben Barsballe; Mark Prins; NielsCharlier; mbarto; Brad Hards; Kevin Smith; Nuno Oliveira; Marco Volpini; Gabriel Roldan; James Hughes; n-lagomarsini; David Vick; Devon Tucker; Fernando Miño

Release notes - GeoTools - Version 26.5 Bug

GEOT-7170 StreamingRenderer might throw NPE with complex features when no default Geometry attribute is set

GEOT-7162 Postgis Partition tests fail on postgres versions below 11

GEOT-7161 Aggregate queries with non-database supported queries fail

GEOT-7153 Removing NetCDF granules from a mosaic can cause spurious netcdf index re-inits

GEOT-7147 Add support for missing CSS label vendor options

GEOT-7143 ElasticSearch GeoHash aggregation does not work when "scrolling" is enabled in the data store config

GEOT-7142 ElasticSearch GeoHash aggregation does not work on renamed geometry attributes

GEOT-7141 GeoTIFF mask/overview lookup should default to GeoTIFF format

GEOT-7135 FastBBOX Class cast exception when evaluating on ComplexFeatures

GEOT-6927 OSM usage of pre-generalized can cause " DataSource not available after calling dispose() or before being set"

GEOT-6888 PostGIS - fixed columns lengths when using prepared statements


GEOT-7164 Make it easier to move mosaics of NetCDF around

GEOT-7119 Clean up GeoHashGridProcessParameters, make it work properly with tiling

GEOT-7118 Allow GeoHashGridProcess to default the grid aggregation definition

GEOT-7111 Allows UniqueVisitor to select multiple features' attributes


GEOT-7171 Cleanup the RenderedSampleDimension.create static method

GEOT-7146 Upgrade jai-ext to 1.1.23

GEOT-7109 gt-swt module docs update

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