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Report on effect of digitisation and regulatory changes on access to cultural/creative goods and services

Arianna Martinelli; Joost Poort; Alessandro Nuvolari; Julia Mazzei

This report stems from the research conducted within the reCreating Europe 1 Work Package (WP) 2, which focuses on End-users and access to culture. It complements other final deliverables which include: a final report and public dataset on copyright flexibilities (D.2.3), a final policy brief on barriers for vulnerable groups (D.2.4), a final report on two empirical case studies assessing the impact of copyright perception and knowledge on the access of two specific groups of users who benefit of specific copyright exceptions (i.e. academics and persons with visual impairment) (D.2.8), a peer-reviewed publication on the impact of copyright law and perception on the demand for cultural goods and services (D.2.6), and final policy recommendations (D.2.9).


This deliverable is under acceptance by the European Union. ReCreating Europe project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870626. 

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