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Dataset Open Access

Dataset: RESpondIng to outbreaks through co-creaTIve sustainable inclusive equality stRatEgies (RESISTIRÉ) - policies - cycle 2

Cibin, Roberto; Stöckelová, Tereza; Linková, Marcela

Contact person(s)
Detsis, Emmanuel
Data collector(s)
Beck, Celina; Guenther, Elisabeth Anna; Kerremans, Aart; Wuiame, Nathalie; Zivkovic, Igor; Golemanova, Ralitsa; Sarnavka, Sanja; Kyprianou, Maria; Thidemann Faber, Stine; Tanhua, Inkeri; Rosalou, Triin; de Cheveigné, Suzanne; Wienand, Carolina; Kambouri, Nelli; Kende, Agnes; Salome Steinþórsdóttir, Finnborg; Galligan, Yvonne; Gavigan, Sylvia; Clavero, Sara; Ryan, Mark; Aglietti, Claudia; Berliri, Maresa; Zitmane, Marita; TRETJAKOVA, Vaida; Kontvaine, Vita; Niuewkamp, Elsbeth; Kaziur, Amber; van Engen, Marloes; Ciaputa, Ewelina; Sales de Oliveira, Catarina; Stroe, Monica; Antonijevic, Zorana; Ocenasova, Zuzana; Zupevc, Katarina; Ghidoni, Elena; Tarragona, Laia; López Belloso, María; Lina Sandstrom; Tobias Axelsson; Turker, Nazli; Ensari, Dilşah Pınar; Altinay, Ayse Gul; Tzanakou, Charoula; Still, Alexis; Stovell, Clare; Humbert, Anne Laure; Buhrer, Susanne; Montalban, Paloma

he aim of RESISTIRÉ (https://resistire-project.eu/)  is to understand the unequal impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic and its policy responses had on behavioural, social, and economic inequalities in 31 countries (the EU 27 along with Iceland, Serbia, Turkey, and the UK) and to work towards individual and societal resilience. RESISTIRÉ does so by collecting and analysing policy data, quantitative data, and qualitative data, and by translating these into insights to be used for designing, devising, and piloting solutions for improved policies and social innovations that can be deployed by policymakers, stakeholders and actors in relevant policy domains. The project relies on a ten-partner multidisciplinary and multisectoral European consortium and a well-established network of researchers in the 31 countries. The data were generated by 30 national researchers (NRs), representing EU27 countries (minus Malta), along with Iceland, the UK, Serbia, and Turkey. Most of them are researchers and experts in gender studies and inequality studies. The NRs were asked to analyse policies designed to stimulate and support the socioeconomic process of recovering from the pandemic in their respective countries.   

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