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TiagoOlivoto/metan: metan 1.17.0

TiagoOlivoto; Bartosz Kozak

New features
  • Implement a plot method for path_coeff_*() functions.
  • New function path_coeff_seq() to implement a sequential (two chains) path analysis.
  • New function prop_na() to measure the proportion of NAs in each column.
  • New functions remove_cols_all_na() and remove_rows_all_na() to remove columns and rows that have all values as NAs.
  • New functions ci_mean_z() and ci_mean_t() to compute z- and t-confidence intervals, respectively.
  • New function set_wd_here() to set the working directory to the path of the current script.
Minor improvements
  • Fix bug in rowname_to_column().
  • Fix bug in mps() where stab was being rewritten with stab_res.
  • Changes the object name in mgidi() example that overwrites the function.
  • Fix bug with x.lab and y.lab from plot_scores(). Now it accepts an object from expression()
  • plot_waasby() now accepts objects of class waas_means.
  • get_model_data() now includes new options coefs, and anova for objects computed with ge_reg().
  • New argument max_overlaps in plot_scores() to exclude text labels that overlap too many things.
  • Improve the control over highlighted individuals in plot_scores() (shape, alpha, color, and size).
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