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ARIPO patent data for IVD-related patent classifications

Molloy, Jennifer

ARIPO Dataset_v2.ods dataset was scraped from the ARIPO E-Service database using Octoparse using the IPC classifications below. The exported task is provided as ARIPO Database_Copy.otd:

IPC Code


B01L 3/00

Containers or dishes for laboratory use, e.g. laboratory glassware (bottles B65D; apparatus for enzymology or microbiology C12M 1/00); Droppers (receptacles for volumetric purposes G01F) [2006.01]

G01N 33/50

Chemical analysis of biological material, e.g. blood, urine; Testing involving biospecific ligand binding methods; Immunological testing (measuring or testing processes other than immunological involving enzymes or microorganisms, compositions or test papers therefor, processes of forming such compositions, condition responsive control in microbiological or enzymological processes C12Q) [2006.01]

C12N 9/00

Enzymes, e.g. ligases (6.); Proenzymes; Compositions thereof (preparations containing enzymes for cleaning teeth A61K 8/66, A61Q 11/00; medicinal preparations containing enzymes or proenzymes A61K 38/43; enzyme containing detergent compositions C11D); Processes for preparing, activating, inhibiting, separating, or purifying enzymes [2006.01]

C12N 11/00

Carrier-bound or immobilised enzymes; Carrier-bound or immobilised microbial cells; Preparation thereof [2006.01]

C12N 15/00

Mutation or genetic engineering; DNA or RNA concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; Use of hosts therefor (mutants or genetically engineered microorganisms C12N 1/00, C12N 5/00, C12N 7/00; new plants A01H; plant reproduction by tissue culture techniques A01H 4/00; new animals A01K 67/00; use of medicinal preparations containing genetic material which is inserted into cells of the living body to treat genetic diseases, gene therapy A61K 48/00; peptides in general C07K) [2006.01]


Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms (immunoassay G01N 33/53); compositions or test papers therefor; processes of preparing such compositions; condition-responsive control in microbiological or enzymological processes [3]

Octoparse Method

  1. Go to ARIPO Advanced Search website

  1. Uncheck Utility Model, Industrial Design, Trademark checkboxes

  2. Enter date range 01011960~04222022

  3. Enter IPC categories as per Appendix 1 [only one per search]

  4. Click Search

  5. Adjust items per page from 10 to 40

  6. Extract data, looping through each record on the page

  7. Click next page button and repeat

  8. Click next button to bring up next five pages and repeat until end.



This dataset was downloaded from the ARIPO journal publication server using a browser-based scraping software.



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