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Light check for personal data on pesticide dossiers in IUCLID

European Food Safety Authority

In order to comply with the proactive disclosure requirements set out in Article 38 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, it is first and foremost the applicant’s responsibility to submit a non-confidential version of an application dossier. Disclosure of personal data is then a joint responsibility shared between the applicant, the Rapporteur Member State/Evaluating Member State and EFSA.

Currently, upon declaration of admissibility by the RMS/EMS and in preparation of the dossier for publication, EFSA performs a “light check” with the aim of identifying issues in relation to personal data and to verify whether redaction has been performed in irreversible manner, in order to avoid that such data are released upon publication.

Ideally the RMS/EMS should implement a comparable "light check” in the context of the admissibility check, so that any issues in relation to confidential/personal data may be addressed by the applicant prior to declaring the dossier admissible. This is expected to contribute to a timely publication of the dossier.

This video shows the light check carried out in practice.

Applicants should always remember to run the Dissemination preview and generate the filtered dossier before submitting to check what will be published.

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