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Tools for Analytics and Cognition for Crowd Journalism Application

N. Paunkoska Dimoska; A. Hristov; A. Karadimce; N. Marina; M. Sefidanoski

Businesses and service consumers should take advantage of social media’s ability to adapt their marketing campaigns to achieve a long-term strategic advantage. Setting quantitative and attainable expectations is critical to the progress of every marketing or business endeavour. The development of tools for analytics and cognition (TAC) is essential for customers and providers to increase productivity and inject intelligent insights into operational and mission-critical social media businesses through driven analytics. In this paper, the developed tools provide guided analytics software for intelligent aggregation, cognition and interactive visualization with a monitoring dashboard for concrete crowd journalism use cases. The provider receives an approach to a guided analytic dashboard filled with meaningful business visualization predictions. Among the other things, he can inspect the quantitative metrics for a sharing economy and estimate stakeholders’ channel monetization as a new innovative quantified value by engaging users with trusted content. TAC uses this principle of engagement rate measurements and provides visualization insights for stakeholders to choose the right track for boosting their business.

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