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sherpa/sherpa: Sherpa 4.14.1

Doug Burke; Omar Laurino; wmclaugh; dtnguyen2; Hans Moritz Günther; Marie-Terrell; Aneta Siemiginowska; Jamie Budynkiewicz; Tom Aldcroft; Christoph Deil; Harlan Cheer; Brigitta Sipőcz; Johannes Buchner; Axel Donath; Iva Laginja; Katrin Leinweber; nplee; Todd

Sherpa 4.14.1

This release of Sherpa includes various enhancements, documentation updates, bug fixes, and infrastructure changes.

  • enhancements:
    • various plotting backend improvements
    • various i/o backend improvements
    • data object class improvements
    • basic support for Xspec 12.12.1
    • beta support for python 3.10
  • documentation changes:
    • updated build with CIAO documentation
    • Add a missing class (DataOgipResponse) to the documentation
    • Improves the docstrings for DataPHA
    • fixed typos in plot docs
    • clean up readthedocs issues such as missing bullets
  • Infrastructure changes:
    • updates for compatibility with Clang 12.0
    • updates to the regression tests
  • bug fixes:
    • Improve the FITS headers created when writing out a PHA file (to better match OGIP standards)
    • addresses delete_model_component call failing if a key does not exist
    • fixed issue with writing a PHA dataset as a table rather than a PHA file
    • ensure FITS column access is case insensitive
    • image handling and image coordinates
Details 1030 - Update lev3fft test to use PHYSICAL not WCS
Update a 2D image test to use physical rather than WCS coordinates for the fit.
1185 - Simplify switching the backend
Add dummy_module, docs, and test case for switching the backend.
io backend are now tried in a default order (crates, pyfits, dummy)
1191 - Make it easier to switch the plotting backend
Make is easier to switch the plotting backend (note that we currently only have on
backend implemented anyway)
1207 - Improve OGIP headers in PHA files
Improve the FITS headers created when writing out a PHA file (to better match OGIP
standards). Fixes #488 and #1209
1314 - test: add requires_data decorator
Add a needed decorator for a test. There's no functional change to the code.
1317 - Add requires group test decorators
Ensure the tests that require the group library are marked with the requires_group
1318 - Adjust a test for python 3.10
Adjust a test so that it passes with Python 3.10
1326 - Write-up that environment variable in setup.cfg need to be expanded
Add a detail to developer docs about compiling in a conda ciao environment
1328 - Versioneer cleanup
Update the versioneer module we use from 0.14 to 0.21 (latest).
1331 - optmethods: remove Deprecation warning about invalid escape string
Remove a deprecation warning from sherpa.optmethods.optfcts and update some fake_pha
tests to each use a fixed random seed.
1332 - Add Instrument test
improved the psf tests, adding low-level tests of the tcdData class
1337 - Fix import statements
Change from using __import__ to importlib.import_module.
1338 - clean up some C/C++ code in the file
Minor clean up of C/C++ code
1339 - Add codecov.yml to fix path issue and update codecov uploader
Fix path parsing issue on codecov as well as updated for the new codecov uploader
1340 - Change how the sherpa config file is accessed
Support environments where the HOME environment variable is not set when accessing
the Sherpa configuration file.
1347 - Refactored array classes cause std::vector has non-virtual destructor
std::vector has non-virtual destructor so in this PR the refactored Array (1D and 2D)
classes no longer inherit from std::vector
1348 - Minor internal code cleanup tracking errors
Minor internal changes to how some errors are raised. There should be no
user-visible differences due to this changes.
1351 - Update the sherpa-test-data repo to the latest from main
updates that reference to the latest copy
1353 - Fix issue with delete_model_component
The delete_model_component call could fail in certain circumstances, so fix those
cases. Fixes #16
1355 - Minor cleanup of the I/O code
Minor internal clean-up of the I/O code. There should be no user-visible changes.
1359 - Improve writing out data objects as a table (fix #47)
Fix writing out of PHA datasets as a generic table (both ASCII and FITS formats).
Fixes #47
1360 - Add missing export statement to clang 12 note
Update documentation to be clearer on how to build on clang 12 and avoid compiler
error on implicit function declarations
1361 - Ensure FITS column access is case insensitive for the pyfits I/O backend (fix #143)
Allow FITS colummn access with the pyfits backend to be case insensitive. Fixes #143.
1365 - Simplify a test (fix #541)
Remove duplicated code in a test (fix #541).
1370 - Minor tweaks to handling of PHA settings
Improve the checking of the factor and rate settings of set_analysis and the
plot_fac attribute of the DataPHA class, and add a few tests that exercise some
corner cases of the DataPHA class.
1374 - Address aarch/ppc64le test failures
Update tests to that they pass on aarch64. Fixes #1372
1376 - Very-minor tweaks to docs/tests
Fix a minor test issue and an unused reference in the documentation.
1387 - minimize C++ code duplications (rebase)
Remove code duplication in the XSPEC module.
1399 - Allow conf/covar/proj to be used with XSPEC model parameters (regression)
Ensure that conf, covar, and proj can be called with an XSPEC model parameter.
Fixes #1397.
1401 - Modified region code to remove implicit prototype error
This change updates the extern region code in sherpa to resolve a missing prototype
which causes build issues with clang 12.0.
1403 - Updates to fix typos in the plot documentation
Update to fix a few typos in the plot documentation
1410 - Add script and docs for pre-commit hook to update copyright
Add example script for a git pre-commit hook that checks the copyright is up to date.
1411 - Add sphinx_rtd_theme to sphinx extensions and set min version
Our readthedocs pages have had some visual issues (in particular, bullets point
where missing from output) for a while. This fixes that by ensuring we are using
a recent version of the sphinx theme.
1413 - Add more editor/OS exclusions to .gitignore
Add a VSCode workspace summary files and MacOS directory preview files to .gitignore
1414 - Improve the handling of image coordinates
Address an error when converting between different coordinate systems for images.
Fixes #1380.
1415 - RTD fix missing and changed symbols
Update the ReadTheDocs build to cope with changes in #1191
1418 - Fix minor test issues
Address several minor test issues.
1419 - Keep .rc file backwards compatible
Default rc files will work in older version of sherpa as well.
1421 - Address usability issues with Data2DInt and DataIMGInt classes
Fix issues using the Data2DInt and DataIMGInt classes (#1379).
1423 - fix a compiler bug on macOS
update to address compiler issue when compiling on macOS
1424 - rm primini stat method
This PR removes the primini iterative statistical method. Please see issue #1392
for details
1425 - Allow users to freeze models
Models can now be frozen or thawed, which just calls the requested on all the 
parameters of the model (except for "alwaysfrozen" parameters which are skipped).
This is only relevant for users who are accessing the objects directly since the ui
versions of freeze and thaw already implemented this behavior. Fixes #1080.
1429 - Tests: fix up test problems shown by pytest 7.0.0
Fix up several tests so they can be run with pytest 7.0.0. Fixes #1428
1434 - Fix aarch64 test failures
Allow the tests to pass on aarch64 (numerical precision checks).
1435 - Minor clean up of the data code
Improves the docstrings for DataPHA, adds tests for several corner-cases, and makes
some minor code improvements to the code.
1440 - Minor clean up of the data routines
Address several minor code-style changes in the data handling (code and tests).
1441 - Clean up the data tests
Clean up of the data tests which were added as part of the data-class rework in #614.
1442 - Ensure channel and count fields for PHA are aliases of independent and dependent axes
Ensure that channel and the independent axis and counts and the dependent axis are 
synonymous for the DataPHA class.#1451 - Tests: ensure sherpa smoke tests are done
in a clean environment
1453 - Tests: mark those that require the group module
Note a number of tests that require the group module.
1454 - RTD: update copyright year and fix WCS library
Update the sphinx build instructions so that changes from PR #1414 will be documented
correctly on systems where the documentation is being built without first compiling
the code (such as read-the-docs).
1455 - RTD: update the build-from-CIAO documentation
Update the "build with CIAO" documentation to match the CIAO 4.14 conda instructions
and automate the process.
1458 - Improve several issues when building and testing Sherpa
Minor improvements to the build and test installation. The use of setuptools has
been restricted to match the current advice from NumPy (< 60, from
1461 - Minor grouping cleanup
Minor internal change to how the group routines work for PHA objects.
1462 - Docs: fix up documentation of ui.set_grouping
Fix the documentation for set_grouping to match the code.
1463 - rm a redundant call to calc_h
Removed a redundant call the the calc_h method in the class fdJac
1464 - RTD: include the DataOgipResponse class in the documentation
Add a missing class (DataOgipResponse) to the documentation.
1473 - Data test minor cleanup
Minor test clean-ups.
1474 - Add basic tests of data validation
Ensure we test a number of corner cases related to data validation.
1484 - Include ciao region patch
Allow the CXC Data Model library to be used to parse region files, if available. 
This is primarily intended for building Sherpa as part of CIAO.
1485 - get_header_data is an official method of the backend
An internal change to make sure that the get_header_data routine is part of the 
astro I/O backend API.
1490 - Basic support for XSPEC 12.12.1
Allow Sherpa to be built with XSPEC 12.12.1. It does not provide access to the three
new models - polconst, pollin, and polpow - added in this release of XSPEC.
1492 - Make tests pass on 3.10
One of the tests fails in Python 3.10 because the error message has been changed.
1493 - Remove deprecated distutils.version.LooseVersion
The distutils.version.LooseVersion class is now marked as deprecated so remove its
use when building Sherpa and when importing the Sherpa XSPEC module.
1494 - Update AX_PYTHON_DEVEL.m4 from serial 17 to 25
This update covers the cleanup of distutils in the configure files for grplib (and 
stklib in the case of standalone sherpa).
1495 - Note that we support Python 3.10
Note that Sherpa can be built using Python 3.10 and add two Python 3.10 CI test runs.
1496 - DS9 update from 8.2.1 to 8.3
Update to use ds9 v8.3 since v8.2.1 is no longer available
1497 - Tests: ensure matplotlib windows are closed after all tests are run
Ensure that our tests can run on CI cleanly.
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