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NREL/floris: v3.1

Rafael M Mudafort; paulf81; bayc; Rob Hammond; ejsimley; nhamilto; Pete Bachant; Bart Doekemeijer; Katherine Fleming; jrannoni; Eliot Quon; PJ Stanley; DavidBensason; Johannes Schreiber; Knut S. Seim; Sondre Sortland; Tony Martinez; afarrell2; zerweck

What's Changed 358 Feature: add IEA 15MW turbine 373 / #407 Add no_wake option to floris calculations 384 Add normal vector to CutPlane to invert plot axis 369 Redesign AEP calculation function 385 Bug fix for yaw optimizer: revise verify_convergence to support multiple wind speeds 382 Add cut out and default reference option 388 Save yaw angles for reset in plane visualizations 386 Documentation improvements 393 Remove energy ratio tools in favor of FLASC 308 Add UncertaintyInterface for modeling inflow wind direction uncertainty 381 Fix for repeated calls to calculate_wake returning incorrect values 387 Bug fix and formatting for legacy reader for FLORIS V2.4 input files 395 / #406 Add 'none' submodel option for wake deflection, deficit and turbulence 404 Add command line interface to the legacy input converter 396 Adding the TurbOPark wake velocity deficit model 408 Add GH Actions to run examples 410 Create all Grid data at initialization

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