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Travis Herberger: How to Make Travel Paintings

Travis Herberger

Travel paintings are a unique and beautiful artwork that you can create from your own travel experiences. They are a true joy to see, as they give the viewer a great sense of the time and space that has been traveled through for all to appreciate. This article, skilled painter Travis Herberger will teach you about traveling with paint, creating a travel painting, and some different types of travel paintings that might suit your interests.


What is a Travel Painting?

A travel painting is a beautiful piece of art created by someone who has traveled. It's made to commemorate their time and the memories they have made while on their travels. Travel paintings can be created anywhere in the world, but are often based on a place of significance or a special event that happened during travel.

Some people create travel paintings as a way to document their memorable experiences to share with family and friends when they return home. Others, including Travis Herberger create them as an artistic means of self-expression.

The process for creating a travel painting is simple: find an interesting view, explore the area for interesting things, then paint it. You can paint whatever you want, whether it's landscapes and nature scenes, cityscapes and architecture, or even things like food! If you're feeling creative, there are also many different ways you can add your own personal touches to make your painting unique.


How to Create a Travel Painting

According to Travis Herberger, first, you need to find a journal or sketchbook to work in. Pick one up at an art supply store if you don't have one already, or get one at a thrift store if money's an issue. Next, paint your canvas with a light wash of white paint. This is not the time to use a dark gray, which will make it harder for you to see the colors that you'll be putting down later on. Paint the background with a mix of brown and yellow paints. This will give the painting more depth and life.

Now comes the fun part: painting some of your travel memories onto the canvas! Remember all those interesting sights and experiences that you had during your travels? Now you can write and draw on them in vivid detail, making them come alive for everyone who looks at your work. Travis Herberger indicates that the colors chosen should vary from experience to experience - sometimes they might be happy colors like red or green, while other times they might be somber colors like brown or black. Herberger’s travel paintings are rich of happy and vivid colors.

Finally, finish off by adding some decorative flowers around the frame - either hand-drawn or bought in an art supply store - and affixing a piece of paper that says "TRAVEL" where it meets the bottom edge of your canvas. This will let everyone know just what this artwork is about!



Travel painting is a great way to capture the essence of a city or environment in a single image.

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