Dataset Open Access

Library of simulated root images

Lobet, Guillaume; Koevoets, Iko T; Tocquin, Pierre; Pagès, Loïc; Périlleux, Claire

This depository contains the images and associated RSML files used in the paper entitled "Using a structural root system model for an in-depth assessment of root image analysis pipeline" from the same authors.


It contains: 

- 10.000 simulated root images;

- 10.000 corresponding RSML files;

- .csv files containing the ground-truth data for each modelled root system;

- .csv files containing the image descriptors extracted using RIA-J;

- .tps files containing the shape descriptors data.


The codes used with this data is available here:

Files (1.5 GB)
Name Size md5:d7a14401e1751bb0f4e7be6170b5ea6e 328.9 MB Download md5:0ba2a1b8fa776950fe81a21dd7329304 50.9 MB Download md5:0cd18f9a6237b2e4ee027da2e509282b 980.4 MB Download md5:171ae9ecf3e1445a5a4d23ef19a1d371 165.8 MB Download
root_data_dicot-500.csv md5:a49ac166ce06f1cc1583cdcc7318d5c2 780.8 kB Download
root_data_monocot-500.csv md5:ae90b1afaf9557e8c789fde22e0062f1 838.6 kB Download
root_estimators_dicot-500-shape.tps md5:31c2488ae97fac3b250a2c9d943d8a33 1.6 MB Download
root_estimators_dicot-500.csv md5:d8485ee9d821eb29f87d08c7b75d8a87 5.2 MB Download
root_estimators_monocot-500-shape.tps md5:53961b279e884ef5306dcc2b98574a8b 1.6 MB Download
root_estimators_monocot-500.csv md5:a0b691a5bd53932c25007ce508d38802 5.4 MB Download


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