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Civilian Casualties of WW2 air-raids on Kiel

Zedlitz, Jesper

These data are the contents of the document 55177 in the City Archives of Kiel "Todesopfer durch Luftangriffe". The document lists civilian casualties of the bombing on Kiel during WW2 .

The document was brought in electronic form by volunteers using the data-entry system (DES) of the Verein für Computergenealogie (=society for computer Genealogy) . As part of a master's thesis at the Institute of computer science of the University of Kiel coordinates were determined for addresses.

The following fields are included in the data:

  • page
  • family name
  • given name(s) 
  • day of death        
  • remarks       
  • day of birth
  • occupation   
  • place of death
  • place of residence 

The following details are not in the source. They were either calculated (age), entered manually (gender) or are the result of geocoding (coordinates) and subsequent matching with district boundaries.

  • age  
  • gender      
  • place of residence longitude      
  • place of residence latitude      
  • place of death longitude
  • place of death latitude    
  • place of residence district        
  • place of death district   

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