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Supporting Information for "First Observations of Large Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Using Automated Amateur Radio Receiving Networks"

Frissell, Nathaniel A.; Kaeppler, Stephen R.; Sanchez, Diego F.; Perry, Gareth W.; Engelke, William D.; Erickson, Philip J.; Coster, Anthea J.; Ruohoniemi, J. Michael; Baker, Joseph B. H.; West, Mary Lou


The supporting information for this paper consists of a movie version of Figure 2 in the main paper, comparing the high frequency (HF) amateur radio observations to differential Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Total Electron Content (TEC) measurements. In this revised version of the repository, the TEC data has been reprocessed such that all GNSS data with elevation angles down to 10 degrees were kept when applying the Savitzky–Golay (SG) filter. After the SG filter was applied, data with elevation angles below 30 degrees were discarded. This was done to remove artifacts observed in the original movies.


Movie S1 (20171103 Ham and TEC LSTID.mp4)

(Top Panel) Time series showing the TX-RX distance for 14 MHz amateur radio spots in 2 min by 25 km bins from 1200 UT 3 Nov 2017 - 0000 UT 4 Nov 2017. (Bottom Panel) differential Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Total Electron Content (TEC) measurements over the Continental United States corresponding to the times indicated by the moving white vertical line in the top panel.


Movie S2 (20171103 Ham and TEC LSTID – With Arrow.mp4)

Same as movie S1, but with a fiducial black arrow indicating an estimated LSTID horizontal wavelength of 1681 km and propagation azimuth of 163°.

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