Dataset Open Access

Output of webXray analysis of German library websites

Hauschke, Christian

[1] was analyzed with [2]. The deposited files are the result.


[1] Steeg, Fabian et al.. (2016). URLs von Webseiten mit Typ Bibliothek aus Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.50969

[2] Tim Libert et al.. (2016). webXray: First Release. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.57272


Files (352.5 kB)
Name Size
db_summary.csv md5:e005d6bc7346f0dd68ceb17fb5946658 366 Bytes Download
domains-by-tld.csv md5:dc026416312fd7ba3d4e643bde67bd0f 6.7 kB Download
elements-by-tld-image.csv md5:d65bc8953f182a69642abfa39476bc9d 15.1 kB Download
elements-by-tld-javascript.csv md5:5f6f5b1ab63a48683c38206641a67d08 16.3 kB Download
elements-by-tld.csv md5:42fad3fa7c81aa783e227518c4825177 18.8 kB Download
network.csv md5:c1498cc62fc022956b28d71733a0faeb 291.9 kB Download
orgs-by-tld.csv md5:25dd0bcc8d237f7ca607c632fe981f21 3.1 kB Download
summary_by_tld.csv md5:81f4f879baed66a4da8730d51d0b5b3d 264 Bytes Download


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