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#GliaMorph - Double-transgenic Müller Glia Data at 3dpf and 5dpf Zebrafish

Elisabeth Kugler; Alicia Carrington; Ryan B. MacDonald

Images of zebrafish retina at 3dpf and 5dpf in the double-transgenic Tg(TP1bglob:VenusPest)s940 (Ninov et al., 2012) and Tg(CSL:mCherry)jh11 (also known as Tg(Tp1bglob:hmgb1-mCherry)jh11) (Parsons et al., 2009). 

GliaMorph toolkit to quantify glia shape in 3D:

  • step1_cziToTiffTool.ijm: Macro for czi to tiff conversion

  • step2_DeconvolutionTool.ijm: Macro for deconvolution of confocal images using theoretical or experimental PSF

  • step3_90DegreeRotationTool.ijm: Macro for 90 degree rotation - optional before rotationTool

  • step4_subregionTool.ijm: Semi-automatic ROI selection tool with ROI selection from MIP

  • step4_subregionToolWithinStack.ijm: Semi-automatic ROI selection tool within stack with ROI within stack

  • step5_splitChannelsTool.ijm: Macro to split channels and save them in separate folders

  • step6_zonationTool.ijm: Analysis of zebrafish retina zonation based on intensity profiles

  • step7_SegmentationTool.ijm: Segmentation of MG cells

  • step8_QuantificationTool.ijm: Quantification of MG features in segmented images

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