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GR-RWL1-O15J16 Daily refugee arrivals and weather data Greece Oct2015-Jan2016

Harris V Georgiou

This package contains a set of data regarding daily refugee arrivals at the Greek islands of first-reception in teh Aegean Sea, for the most intense period of influx waves, from the beginning of October 2015 until the mid-January of 2016.

The sources of the data are:
1) For daily arrivals:
    UNHCR Refugees/Migrants Emergency Response (Data mashups)
2) For weather:
    Searchable Weather Database - National Observatory (Greece)

The datasets from (1) have already been used in various publications describing
such predictive analytics models. Detailed description and related conclusions
can be found at:

* Harris V. Georgiou, "Identification of refugee influx patterns in Greece via
model-theoretic analysis of daily arrivals" (9-May-2016),


The datasets are available in the following formats (included):

*.xlsx    : MS-Excel/LibreOffice native spreadsheets
*.csv    : comma-separated plaintext spreadsheets
*arff    : WEKA native data source (plaintext)

These data formats are equivalent, i.e., they contain the exact same sets of data. Normally, at least one of them should be compatible with any major programming platform (e.g. Matlab, Octave, R) or any native programming language for arbitrary handling (e.g. C, Java).

Downloading and using this material implies acceptance of the Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (BY-NC-SA), 2016 -- Copyright (c) 2016 by Harris V. Georgiou (MSc,PhD) --
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