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Methylhydrazinium Lead Bromide: Noncentrosymmetric Three-Dimensional Perovskite with Exceptionally Large Framework Distortion and Green Photoluminescence

Ma̧czka, Mirosl̷aw; Ptak, Maciej; Ga̧gor, Anna; Stefańska, Dagmara; Zarȩba, Jan K.; Sieradzki, Adam

Three-dimensional (3D) lead halide perovskites have emerged as a promising class of coordination polymers for solar cells, photodetectors, and light-emitting devices. These compounds thus far comprise methylammonium, formamidinium, or cesium as cations. In this work, we introduce a new methylhydrazinium 3D perovskite, CH3NH2NH2PbBr3, that crystallizes in the polar P21 structure at room temperature and undergoes a phase transition to the cubic Pm3̅m phase at 418 K. This perovskite exhibits strong second-harmonic generation activity, features switchable dielectric behavior, thermochromism, and two-photon energy upconversion under 800 nm excitation.
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