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A comprehensive and synthetic dataset for global, regional and national greenhouse gas emissions by sector 1970-2018 with an extension to 2019

Jan C. Minx; William F. Lamb; Robbie M. Andrew; Josep G. Canadell; Monica Crippa; Niklas Döbbeling; Piers Forster; Diego Guizzardi; Jos Olivier; Julia Pongratz; Andy Reisinger; Matthew Rigby; Glen Peters; Marielle Saunois; Steven J. Smith; Efisio Solazzo; Hanqin Tian

Comprehensive and reliable information on anthropogenic sources of greenhouse gas emissions is required to track progress towards keeping warming well below 2°C as agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. Here we provide a dataset on anthropogenic GHG emissions 1970-2019 with a broad country and sector coverage. We build the dataset from recent releases from the “Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research” (EDGAR) for CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industry (FFI), CH4 emissions, N2O emissions, and fluorinated gases and use a well-established fast-track method to extend this dataset from 2018 to 2019. We complement this with information on net CO2 emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) from three available bookkeeping models.

The metadata in the previous version (#4) indicated that AR5 100 year global warming potentials (GWPs) were applied. This was incorrect. The metadata has been corrected, and both AR5 and AR6 100 year GWPs are now included as variables for convenient switching between metrics.
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