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Prevention of Patch Wall (PW) Formation of Building Surfaces by Making the PW"s Effects to Below- Awareness-Level of Concern by Making the PW Innovation of Long-Lasting Nature as Attributive Responsibility of the Building"s Structural Component

Prasanta Biswas; Atanu Paul; Jayanta Kumar Karmakar; Sohel Sk.; Biltu Mondal; Sujay Banerjee; Nabamita Sen; Binka Mondal

Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication(BEIESP)

To make building habitat & related compound a good from all possible dimensions is the best motive of this paper of research interest. From the very stage of exposition to earth"s ambient atmosphere, building materials start experiencing the sufferance; the sufferance by atmosphere on them. It is significant on the exterior portions (of different members like walls, columns, member joints etc.) of the habitat. It is not a new thing to accommodate new concepts to gather with to know the field to prepare the habitat pollution free & with better submergence of knowledge to make it better by reducing its effected pollutions. This time it is the subject of the effect of residence of water gliding from water tank on the habitat, especially on the wall (external) of the habitat. Gliding down on the wall is frequent common phenomenon in the habitat. It is, in any way of happening, found that the water tank (basements, pipe-fixtures etc.) & its normally positioned vertical habitat walls (adjoining) both expose as the thing exposed by the atmosphere, by illustrating their patch-looking exhibition. The water tank which is meant for the drinking water repository for the habitat never holds this exhibition away from exposition of such. This study is about the determination of impact of such patch-wall on its external environment (ambient) & necessary innovation to reduce & improve the walls under such subjection of expose/effect.By this study, it becomes possible to know the effect & impact of such patch-wall as formed by the Tank & its walls (with the atmospheric chemical reaction) & remedial measures as the innovation to prevent such walls from the damage. With various research scopes, this paper has ended with various insights & discussions of the subject matter to make it a concern of the advanced time coming ahead in our civilization.

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