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Transformers: State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing

Wolf, Thomas; Debut, Lysandre; Sanh, Victor; Chaumond, Julien; Delangue, Clement; Moi, Anthony; Cistac, Perric; Ma, Clara; Jernite, Yacine; Plu, Julien; Xu, Canwen; Le Scao, Teven; Gugger, Sylvain; Drame, Mariama; Lhoest, Quentin; Rush, Alexander M.


The Perceiver model was released in the previous version:


Eight new models are released as part of the Perceiver implementation: PerceiverModel, PerceiverForMaskedLM, PerceiverForSequenceClassification, PerceiverForImageClassificationLearned, PerceiverForImageClassificationFourier, PerceiverForImageClassificationConvProcessing, PerceiverForOpticalFlow, PerceiverForMultimodalAutoencoding, in PyTorch.

The Perceiver IO model was proposed in Perceiver IO: A General Architecture for Structured Inputs & Outputs by Andrew Jaegle, Sebastian Borgeaud, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac, Carl Doersch, Catalin Ionescu, David Ding, Skanda Koppula, Daniel Zoran, Andrew Brock, Evan Shelhamer, Olivier Hénaff, Matthew M. Botvinick, Andrew Zisserman, Oriol Vinyals, João Carreira.

Compatible checkpoints can be found on the hub:

Version v4.14.0 adds support for Perceiver in multiple pipelines, including the fill mask and sequence classification pipelines.

Keras model cards

The Keras push to hub callback now generates model cards when pushing to the model hub. Additionally to the callback, model cards will be generated by default by the model.push_to_hub() method.

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