Dataset Restricted Access

TRIPLE Research Interviews with Academics and Researchers

Stefano De Paoli; Paula Forbes

Data collector(s)
Giulio Andreini; Emilie Blotiere; Clara Petitfils
Project leader(s)
Stefano De Paoli
Paula Forbes

Dataset of 25 transcripts of qualitative interviews from the EU H2020 Project TRIPLE. Interviews were conducted with researchers and academics in Europe, belonging to various Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines and at different levels of career. The goal was to gather data for defining the user needs for a discovery platform for Social Sciences and Humanities and for building Personas and Scenarios. The data was collected in the period 01/10/2019 - 30/03/2020.


This is a first version of the data. 

A more complete version will be uploaded by the end of the project (March 2023), and it will include additional data, at which point this version will be considered obsolete.


Restricted Access

You may request access to the files in this upload, provided that you fulfil the conditions below. The decision whether to grant/deny access is solely under the responsibility of the record owner.

Access is restricted.

Access will not be possible until the 30 June 2024, as, at the time of publishing, we are still working with this data.

After this date, interested researchers from public established universities and research centers in Europe can send a request for access. The request will be evaluated in its motive and merits. The request should include at least the following:

- name and affiliation of the researcher

- a clear and motivated description of the reason for requesting access

- a description the research project for which access is requested, including all the details that are relevant for assessing the request, in particular objectives and expected impact

- how and with which software the data will be analysed/processed

- the names and affiliations of the researchers which will process the data

- any other information which can be relevant for assessing the request, including details related with ethics and data protection

- if the person requesting is a PhD student, please also name your supervisors and include in the justification also a paragraph written by the supervisor justifying why this data will be relevant for the PhD study

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