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Tractography Challenge ISMRM 2015 Data

Maier-Hein, Klaus; Neher, Peter; Houde, Jean-Christophe; Caruyer, Emmanuel; Daducci, Alessandro; Dyrby, Tim; Stieltjes, Bram; Descoteaux, Maxime

The ground truth of this tractography validation data set was defined based on the fiber bundle geometry of a high-quality Human Connectome Project (HCP) dataset, constructed from multiple whole-brain global tractography maps. An expert radiologist extracted 25 major tracts (i.e., bundles of streamlines) from the tractogram. These association, projection and commissural fibers covered more than 70% of the white matter across the whole brain. The dataset features a brain-like macro-structure of long-range connections, mimicking in vivo DWI clinical-like acquisitions based on a simulated diffusion signal. An additional anatomical image with T1-like contrast was simulated as a reference. The dataset contains all files needed to perform the simulation.

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