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Re-Birth of Nokia In 2017 – An Empirical Study of Nokia's Nostalgic Marketing Strategy with Special Reference to a Pre-Launch Scenario in India

Pawan Kalyani

This research paper is dedicated to the uncrown king of mobile world in the mobile handset market Nokia, almost everyone who are today in the age of 30s and 40s owned the handset manufactured by Nokia. As the time moved on the technology updates came in the market the android and touch screen market has washed away the most popular name in the mobile world. The year 2017, is the year of re-birth of the Nokia. After nearly about the three decades Nokia has come up with the most popular handset 3310, 1100 and new android version Nokia 6. The Nokia handsets were very popular due to many features the navigation software, easy to make call, easy to end a call, longer battery life, longer stand by time, longer talk time, easy number search and add and last but not least the “Snake” the most popular mobile game. In this paper the researcher is going to find out the how deep can Nokia penetrate in the today’s mobile market with its Nostalgia marketing strategy where the people are very used to high end smart phones and 4G Internet connection.

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