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tidytext: tidytext v0.1.1

Julia Silge; David Robinson; Jim Hester

  • Added documentation for n-grams, skip n-grams, and regex
  • Added codecov and appveyor
  • Added tidiers for LDA objects from topicmodels and a vignette on topic modeling
  • Added function to calculate tf-idf of a tidy text dataset and a tf-idf vignette
  • Fixed a bug when tidying by line/sentence/paragraph/regex and there are multiple non-text columns
  • Fixed a bug when unnesting using n-grams and skip n-grams (entire text was not being collapsed)
  • Added ability to pass a (custom tokenizing) function to token. Also added a collapse argument that makes the choice whether to combine lines before tokenizing explicit.
  • Changed tidy.dictionary to return a tbl_df rather than a data.frame
  • Updated cast_sparse to work with dplyr 0.5.0
  • Deprecated the pair_count function, which has been moved to pairwise_count in the widyr package. This will be removed entirely in a future version.

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