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An Efficient Cancer Prediction System using Ensemble Methods

Sopna P,; Sowmiya E,; Sanjana M,; Sujatha R

Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication(BEIESP)

Breast cancer is the most dreadful disease in the world in past few decades. Many women in the world has been affected due to this horrible disease and died. Breast cancer occurs in breast cells, the fatty tissue or the fibrous connective tissue in the breast. Breast cancer is malignant tumors tend to become progressively worse leading to death. Factors such as age genetic mutations and a family’s reordered history in breast cancer can increase the risk of breast cancer. Two types of tumors: Benign: this tumor type is not dangerous for a human body and rarely causes human death. Malignant: this tumor type is more dangerous and causes human death, it is called breast cancer. Machine learning was the boon technique in the fields of the medical industry. By the development of machine learning and data analytics a decision making tool can be made which helps in early detection and diagnosis of cancer tumor in women. This concept is to study and develop a decision based tool to eradicate breast cancer. The prediction system makes use of the ensemble algorithms to detect the cancer at earlier stage. It also differentiates the type of cancer from which the patient is being affected with effective accuracy.

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