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Tidal dissipation modelling in gas giant planets

Dhouib, Hachem; Mathis, Stéphane; Debras, Florian; Astoul, Aurélie; Baruteau, Clément

Gas giant planets are turbulent rotating magnetic objects that have strong and complex interactions with their environment. In such systems, the dissipation of tidal waves excited by tidal forces shape the orbital architecture and the rotational dynamics of the planets. During the last decade, a revolution has occurred for our understanding of tides in these systems and for our knowledge of the interiors of giant planets thanks to the space mission JUNO and the grand finale of the CASSINI mission. Our objective is thus to predict tidal dissipation using internal structure models, which agree with these latest observational constrains.

To accomplish that, we build a new ab-initio model of tidal dissipation in giant planets that coherently takes into account the interactions of tidal waves with their complex structure. This model is a semi-global model in the planetary equatorial plane. We study the linear excitation of tidal (magneto-)gravito-inertial progressive waves and standing modes. We present here the general formalism and the potential regimes of parameters that should be explored. This will pave the way for full 3D numerical simulations that will take into account complex internal structure and dynamics of gas giant (exo-)planets.

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