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D6.3 Communication and Outreach Strategy Report

Lappalainen, Minna

EOSC-Nordic aims to facilitate the coordination of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) relevant initiatives
taking place in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia and exploit
synergies to achieve greater harmonisation of policies and service provisioning across these countries, in
compliance with EOSC agreed standards and practices. By doing so, the project seeks to establish the Nordic
and Baltic countries as frontrunners in the take-up of the EOSC concept, principles, and approach.
WP6-Engagement, communication, and competence building work package support these objectives by
maximising the project impact by focusing on engaging and communicating within the consortium and with
external audiences.

The activities reported in this deliverable are based on the objectives, value propositions and methodology
outlined in D6.1 Stakeholder identification, engagement, and communication strategy, which was released
at the beginning of March 2019 (M6). This document sets out an active Engagement and Communication
Strategy with identified stakeholders including the objectives and the communication activities that will
support the engagement of each targeted stakeholder group and the monitoring mechanisms to assess
their evolution.

This deliverable - D6.3 Communication and Outreach Strategy Report - offers a mid-term overview of the
project’s outreach and impact. It also defines the revised roadmap for M19-M36 according to activities,
time plans, and outputs of the other WPs, to ensure timely delivery and release of communications.

This deliverable is approved by the EC on 16 June 2021
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