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Artifact for "Lightweight and Modular Resource Leak Verification"

Kellogg, Martin; Shadab, Narges; Sridharan, Manu; Ernst, Michael D.

This upload is a docker image containing the artifact accompanying our ESEC/FSE'21 paper "Lightweight and Modular Resource Leak Verification".  Please download the latest version of the artifact, as we have fixed some bugs in the experimental scripts.  Also note that the experimental results produced by the scripts in the artifact are consistent with this version of the paper, which contains a minor correction in Table 3 compared to the originally-published version.

To run the image,

0.) Install Docker following the directions at [] for your OS, if it is not already installed.  We have  tested the artifact with Docker Desktop on MacOS, but it should work for other operating systems.

1.) Unzip the provided Docker image.
`gunzip -c path/to/resource-leak-checker.tar.gz > resource-leak-checker.tar`

2.) Load it into Docker.
    `docker load < resource-leak-checker.tar`

3.) Run the image. This should open a bash shell, at the home directory of user `fse`.
    `docker run -it msridhar/rlc:latest`

Instructions for how to run the paper's experiments are inside the container in the `object-construction-checker/fse-2021/` file in the `fse` user's home directory.

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