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umple/umple: Umple Release 1.31.1

TCLethbridge; Abdulaziz; Vahdat Abdelzad; Miguel Garzón; Andrew Forward; Hamoud Aljamaan; Sultan Almaghthawi; Opeyemi Adesina; Ralph Ng; Peter Pan; Geoffrey Guest; ahmedvc; fjtheknight; Jackie Lang; Paul; ZainabAlShowely; Craig Bryan; alamebird; obahy; Runqing; Chang Ding; Svetlana; Kevin Brightwell; A. Cody Schuffelen; ali-fatolahi; Shikib Mehri; Matthew Rodusek; Adam Bolding-Jones; Yuan Bowei; Marc de Niverville

Umple release 1.31.1 contains all changes from July 9th 2021 to August 18th 2021

This is the mid-summer release; one more release is expected in September with additional summer work.

Changes include:

Adding automated UI tests to UmpleOnline that can be run through; this should help prevent regressions in the UX. Tests are run in headless Chrome. #1836 for issue #363 (this had been worked on since 2016)

Adding a generator to refactor annotative to compositional mixsets #1815

Adding a user manual page documenting all Umple keywords #1799 and #1809 for issue #166

Generating proper SQL code for generalizations #1800 for issue #1728

Improvements to the command line compiler

  • A generator called 'Nothing' that can be used after the -g option to create no output, but allow Umple models to be analyzed (linted) for errors and warnings #1808

  • An option -u to allow Umple code to be specified on the command line directly (rather than in a file). This can be useful to quickly test a very small model, or to quickly create a standalone diagram. #1804

  • The ability to generate svg files directly if graphviz (dot) is installed using the -c - option from any generator starting Gv #1844

Improving full build by having it emit fewer messages and warnings, and fail correctly in Gradle. #1795 #1802 #1806 #1807

Improving accessibility by making elements of UmpleOnline focusable using the keyboard #1837

Adding testbed tests for Compositions and Association Specializations #1796 for issue #1254

Various bug fixes and UX improvements

  • Fixing an infinite loop in structure diagram svg generation #1838

  • Fixing a situation where the diagram would not update when it was completely replaced or certain parts of the text were deleted # 1841 for issues #1835 and #1757

  • Fixing state machine diagram scaling problems #1834 and #1833 for issues #1619 #1754 and #1753

  • Fixing a bug in feature diagram generation #1832 for issue #1827

  • Other minor glitches: #1830 for issue #1826; #1831 for issue #1823

  • Certain Grapviz generators now respect the --path option (specifying where output is to be placed) when they ignored it before. #1844

Several other internal cleanups. #1840 #1842 #1843

Automated Continuous Integration testing is now done on a combination of Appveyor (Windows) and Jenkins (, for ubuntu Linux, which we self-host)

Each Umple release now has a DOI associated with it to allow citations. A badge appears in the Github main page for Umple.

The umple-n.n.n-rrrr-hhhhhhhh,jar is the command line compiler

When you do a build in ant, a symbolic link is made on linux and mac calling this umple.jar in the dist directory. The hhhhhhhh is the git commit, and the rrrr is an incrementing count of the number of commits to master.

A build can also be done in Gradle. This is the default in the Jenkins server.

For the latest Eclipse Plugin see (released a shortly after each main release)

A Mac homebrew install of the command line compiler is also available shortly after each release using 'brew install umple'

A plugin for VS-Code is also available.

When you build Umple, you will also generate other jars including umpledocs, to create the user manual; umplerun, a special tool for simulation, and umplesync, the compiler version used internally by Umpleonline, that has diagram editing commands.

For details on how to install see

See also for pre-built UmpleOnline environments you can run locally (Click on the Tags tab to see the available releases)

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