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Desk research of 107 case studies on state-of-the-art of cultural tourism interventions

Moretti, Simone; Koens, Ko; Calvi, Licia; Mandić, Ante; Škrabić, Blanka; Pivčević, Smiljana; Petrić, Lidija; Grgić, Josip; Šimundić, Blanka; Mikulić, Davorka; Muštra, Vinko; Neuts, Bart; Van Bragt, Daan; Von Zumbusch, Jennifer; Matteucci, Xavier; Li, Hong; Tauch, Emmanuel; Lüthje, Monika; Fidelbo, Costanza; Camatti, Nicola; Zecchin, Lisa; Bertocchi, Dario

The aim of Work Package 3 of the SmartCulTour project (www.smartcultour.eu) is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of cultural tourism interventions implemented in European cities and regions, thereby identifying best practices and the impacts and success conditions of cultural tourism interventions. To this end, the consortium identified 107 interesting cultural tourism interventions throughout Europe, with a geographical coverage of: Belgium (9), Italy (8), The Netherlands (8), Serbia (7), Romania (6), Croatia (5), Hungary (4), Portugal (4), Spain (4), United Kingdom (4), Finland (3), France (3), Sweden (3), Other countries (24), Multiple countries (15). The "Overview and taxonomy of 107 interventions" lists every intervention that was studied, as well as their respective classification given, based on the description and objective of the intervention. Within this table, a value of "1" is its primary categorization, with a value of "2" assigned to a secondary taxonomy. Each intervention can have multiple purposes and therefore belong to different categories.The taxonomy of cultural tourism interventions is further described in "State of the art of cultural tourism interventions" (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5270321).

The 107 cultural tourism interventions were analyzed via desk research only during the period September 2020-January 2021, based on available secondary data and following a standardized data collection form. This form is included here as "Internal data collection form used for analysis". The forms collect data on:

  • Context and background information;
  • The 'reason why' of the intervention;
  • The intervention;
  • Resources and tools necessary to design and implement the interventions;
  • Impacts (expected, perceived and measured);
  • (Perceived) success conditions and limiting factors.

The zip-file "Internal forms of 107 interventions" contains all 107 completed data collection forms.


See "State of the art of cultural tourism interventions" (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5270321) for a summarizing analysis and taxonomy of the 107 studied interventions.
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