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matplotlib/matplotlib: REL: v3.4.3

Thomas A Caswell; Michael Droettboom; Antony Lee; Elliott Sales de Andrade; Tim Hoffmann; John Hunter; Jody Klymak; Eric Firing; David Stansby; Nelle Varoquaux; Jens Hedegaard Nielsen; Benjamin Root; Ryan May; Phil Elson; Jouni K. Seppänen; Darren Dale; Jae-Joon Lee; Damon McDougall; Andrew Straw; Paul Hobson; hannah; Christoph Gohlke; Tony S Yu; Eric Ma; Adrien F. Vincent; Steven Silvester; Charlie Moad; Nikita Kniazev; Elan Ernest; Paul Ivanov

This is the third bugfix release of the 3.4.x series.

This release contains several critical bug-fixes:

  • Clarify deprecation of Axes.figbox
  • Disable MultiCursor widget on Axes subplots which it is not tracking
  • Don't simplify path in LineCollection.get_segments
  • Fix DPI in subfigures, affecting tick spacing, and scatter marker size
  • Fix broken EPS output when using Type 42 STIX fonts
  • Fix change in tick behaviour when calling Axes.clear
  • Fix class docstrings for Norms created from Scales
  • Fix compatibility with NumPy 1.21.0
  • Fix crash on broken TrueType fonts
  • Fix incorrect hits from Path.intersects_path
  • Fix leak if affine_transform is passed invalid vertices
  • Fix legends of stackplot with edgecolors='face'
  • Fix plot directive when building in parallel
  • Fix supxlabel and supylabel behaviour in constrained layout
  • Fix tests with latest Inkscape and Ghostscript
  • Improve DateFormatter styling for month names when usetex=True
  • Re-disable autoscaling after interactive zoom
  • Work around bug in Pillow 8.3.0
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