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BERTRAND-KRAJEWSKI, Jean-Luc; BOURNIQUE, Rémy; LECOMTE, Vivien; PERNIN, Noémie; WIEST, Laure; BAZIN, Christine; BOUCHEZ, Agnès; BRELOT, Elodie; COURNOYER, Benoît; CHONOVA, Teofana; DAGOT, Christophe; DI MAJO, Pascal; GONZALEZ-OSPINA, Adriana; KLEIN, Audrey; LABANOWSKI, Jérôme; LEVI, Yves; PERRODIN, Yves; RABELLO-VARGAS, Sandra; REUILLY, Liana; ROCH, Audrey; WAHL, Alex

The Bellecombe pilot site – SIPIBEL – was created in 2010 in order to study the characterisation, treatability and impacts of hospital effluents in an urban wastewater treatment plant. This pilot site is composed of: i) the CHAL hospital, opened in February 2012, ii) the Bellecombe wastewater treatment plant, with two separate treatment lines allowing to fully separate the hospital wastewater and the urban wastewater, and iii) the Arve River as the receiving water body and a tributary of the Rhône River and the Geneva aquifer. The data base includes in total 48 439 values measured on 961 samples (raw and treated hospital and urban wastewater, activated sludge in aeration tanks, dried sludge after dewatering, river and groundwater, and a few additional campaigns in aerobic and anaerobic sewers) with 44 455 physico-chemistry values (including 15 pharmaceuticals and 14 related transformation products, biocides compounds, metals, organic micropollutants, etc.), 2 193 bioassay values (ecotoxicity), 1 679 microbiology values (including microorganisms and antibioresistance indicators) and 112 hydrobiology values.

The ZIP file available on Zenodo contains i)  a PDF file describing the complete data set and its content, and ii) ten Excel files with all SIPIBEL data.

Additional information is given in this Open Access paper:

The SIPIBEL project has been made possible thanks to SRB - Syndicat des Eaux des Rocailles et de Bellecombe (WWTP operator), local authorities and GRAIE (non-profit association coordinating the SIPIBEL project). Financial support was provided by numerous partners, including the Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse Water Agency, the French Office for Biodiversity, the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, the Haute-Savoie Council, the European Fund FEDER, the Ministries in charge of Environment and Health, the Rhône-Alpes Health Agency and the involvement of more than 12 research teams. More information on the SIPIBEL project website: (in French). Accessed 05 July 2021.
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  • Bertrand-Krajewski J.-L. (Guest editor) (2018). Pharmaceuticals and detergents in hospital and urban wastewater: comparative monitoring, treatment, and assessment of impacts (editorial for the SIPIBEL Special Issue). Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(10), 9195-9196. Published on line 14 Feb 2018.

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