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PIONEER: Pipeline for Generating High-Quality Spectral Libraries for DIA-MS Data

Manda, S.; Noor, Z.; Hains, P.; Zhong, Q.

Data-independent-acquisition mass spectrometry (DIA-MS) is a state-of-theart proteomic technique for high-throughput identification and quantification of peptides and proteins. Interpretation of DIA-MS data relies on the use of a spectral library, which is optimally created from data acquired from the same samples in data-dependent acquisition (DDA) mode. As DIA-MS quantification relies on the spectral libraries, having a high-quality, non-redundant, and comprehensive spectral library is essential. This article describes the major steps for creating a high-quality spectral library using a combination of multiple complementary search engines. We discuss appropriate strategies to control the false discovery rate for the final spectral library as a result of merging multiple searches. © 2021 The Authors Current Protocols © 2021 Wiley Periodicals LLC.

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