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Deployment of HUTER cloud infrastructure

HUTER Project

The HUTER project is focused on creating the molecular reference map of the human uterus. For this purpose, HUTER researchers will generate vast amounts of molecular and imaging data from cell sequencing technologies and uterus cells of women samples. In this line, HUTER will be part of Human Cell Atlas global initiative which aims to create reference cellular maps of whole-body tissues and organs. As a part of HCA global initiative, HUTER must share its generated data openly with the HCA research community with the aim of gathering all the completed cellular maps of the human body in a single platform. Although an open cloud-based Data Coordination Platform (HCA-DCP) is being built to check, share and analyse data to be generated under the different HCA projects, it is not totally finished to allow HUTER partners develop their commitments with the EC. Therefore, BAHIA is leading the development of a cloud-based hosting for HUTER project to guarantee our competence to meet our project deliverables in due time and overcome other unexpected obstacles as a contingency measure. The HUTER cloud-based hosting will be active during all HUTER project and will be turned off once the project ends but the data hosted will be gradually transferred to HCA-DCP when its construction is completed and the data sharing is authorized. Considering the provisional nature of the HUTER cloud because the persistence of data will be done in HCA-DCP servers once the HUTER project ends, the deployment of the HUTER cloud infrastructure has been based on the alignment with HCA guidelines and bearing in mind three key technical aspects: scalability, high availability and storage.
Furthermore, the HUTER cloud infrastructure will not only host complex data from cell sequencing technologies but also support data from other relevant specific components such as website for communication and dissemination activities, intranet for project managing, advanced DICOM viewer, etc. These are specific components that are not related to HCA-DCP but they are also needed to fulfil the specific HUTER project objectives and requirements. Thus, all these features and functionalities must be supported by the HUTER cloud infrastructure to a proper development of HUTER project. For this reason, the HUTER cloud infrastructure was customly designed and deployed, integrating and supporting all these required components.
In order to demonstrate that the deployment of the HUTER cloud infrastructure was successfully carried out, we will provide some evidences of different components deployed over the HUTER cloud infrastructure on this document. Some of these evidences will include not only functional descriptions of the components currently deployed but also screenshots related to these components working properly over the HUTER cloud infrastructure. We want to highlight that the first version of the HUTER cloud infrastructure design is fully defined in Deliverable 2.1 (HUTER_WP2_D2.1_Platform_architecture_design) and consequently it will not be addressed on this document.
On the other hand, some platform components are currently being designed and developed in close collaboration with partners thus it is not possible to deploy them yet. Nonetheless, the hardware infrastructure required for their deployment is ready to support them once the development is finished.

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