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Root phenotyping data

Bouché, Frédéric; D'Aloia, Maria; Tocquin, Pierre; Lobet, Guillaume; Detry, Nathalie; Périlleux, Claire

Dataset presenting the root phenotyping analysis performed in the paper:

Bouché F, D’Aloia M, Tocquin P, Lobet G, Detry N, Périlleux C. 2016. Integrating roots into a whole plant network of flowering time genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Scientific Reports.

The dataset contains:

- the orignal images of the petri dishes used for the analysis. The scale is 370 DPI

- images enhanced, cropped and renamed for the analysis. Analysis was performed using SmartRoot (Lobet et al. 2011). Each image has its corresponding RSML file containing the root architecture data. 

- plate_image_treatment.ijm: ImageJ macro for a pre-processing of the images, before the SmartRoot analysis 

- root_architecture_analysis.R: R script used for the architecture data analysis

- root_architecture_data.csv : architecture data exported from SmartRoot.

- the plots generated using the R script


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