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Efficient Brownian oscillators and nanoheaters based on gallium-doped e-Fe2O3

Yuanyu Gu; Nuno J. O. Silva; Marie Yoshikiyo; Asuka Namai; Rafael Piñol; Guillaume Maurin-Pasturel; Yuwen Cui; Shin-ichi Ohkoshi; Angel Millán; Abelardo Martínez

Here we show that Gallium-Substituted -Fe2O3 nanoparticles are easily stabilized in

aqueous media having at the same time small interparticle magnetic interactions and huge

coupling with the lattice such that torques at the nanoscale can be efficiently applied.

Moreover, under ac magnetic fields of 0<f<1000 Hz this torque is applied without heat

losses while the region f=10-120 kHz can be explored to dissipate heat.

It is shown that the specific power of Gallium-Substituted -Fe2O3 nanoparticles is larger

than those of γ-Iron Oxide nanoparticles currently used in magnetic hyperthermia.

In this view, Gallium-Substituted -Fe2O3 nanoparticles are expected to be useful tools to

efficiently apply mechanical forces to induce cellular apoptosis and to discern between

mechanical and thermal contributions to cellular apoptosis currently under debate.

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