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The Programming Historian - Print Edition

Crymble, Adam; Gibbs, Fred; Hegel, Allison; McDaniel, Caleb; Milligan, Ian; Taparata, Evan; Wieringa, Jeri; Boggs, Jeremy; Turkel, William J.

The Programming Historian ( offers novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research.

This PDF version of the project is a snapshot of all published lessons as they appeared in February 2016. It contains 48 tutorials introducing topics ranging from:

  • setting up (5 lessons)
  • acquiring data (7 lessons)
  • transforming data (17 lessons)
  • analyzing data (6 lessons)
  • presenting history (10 lessons)
  • sustaining data (3 lessons)

All content is licensed under a creative commons license. We encourage you to use, distribute, and print out lessons (or the whole book) as it suits you. Go forth and learn!

Author List:

Amanda Morton, Spencer Roberts, James Baker, Sarah Simpkin, Dennis Tenen, Grant Wythoff, Ian Milligan, Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh, Max De Wilde, Doug Knox, Laura Turner O'Hara, Seth Bernstein, Jon Crump, Adam Crymble, Heather Froehlich, Vilja Hulden, Shawn Grahan, Scott Weingart, Fred Gibbs, Matthew Lincoln, Jim Clifford, Josh MacFadyen, Daniel Macfarlane, Marten Düring, Miriam Posner, Caleb McDaniel, Kellen Kurschinski, Jeri Wieringa, William J. Turkel.

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