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Artifact for "PHYSFRAME: Type Checking Physical Frames of Reference for Robotic Systems"

Sayali Kate; Michael Chinn; Hongjun Choi; Xiangyu Zhang; Sebastian Elbaum


PHYSFRAME is a static analysis tool for detecting reference frame inconsistencies and violations of common practices (i.e., implicit frame conventions) in C/C++ projects that build against the [Robot Operating System]( It requires nothing from the developers except running the tool on their project. The tool automatically models the project, and checks for problems.


This repository contains the following files and folders:

* : This file.
* LICENSE.txt : BSD 2-Clause license.
* STATUS.txt : Describes the ACM artifact badges sought for this artifact.
* : Describes the hardware and software requirements.
* INSTALL.txt : Describes how to install PHYSFRAME using Docker and a minimal working example.
* HOWTO.txt: Describes how to use PHYSFRAME with the provided data.
* HOWTO-WITH-SCRIPT.txt : Describes how to run scripts to evaluate PHYSFRAME with the provided data.
* : Script to untar files in data/.
* : Script to run PHYSFRAME on the provided data.
* : Script to run PHYSFRAME on the provided data with z-score = 2, 5 or 10.
* Dockerfile : a Docker install file for PHYSFRAME.
* requirements.txt : List of python dependencies required by PHYSFRAME. Referenced by the Dockerfile.
* src/ : The python source code for PHYSFRAME, files containing implicit frame conventions.
* data/ : Dataset of C/C++ projects (downloaded from public GitHub repositories) used to evaluate PHYSFRAME.
* USER-GUIDE.txt : Helpful notes for user.


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