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The motion of trees in the wind - a collection of multiple data sets

Jackson, Toby; Bunce, Amanda; James, Ken; Wellpott, Axel; Van Bloem, Skip; Achim, Alexis; Gardiner, Barry

Data collector(s)
Dellwick, Ebba; Angelou, Nikolas; van Emmerik, Tim; Duperat, Marine; Ruel, Jean-Claude; Kane, Brian; Ciruzzi, Dominick; Loheide II, Steven; Burcham, Daniel; Schindler, Dirk; Kolbe, Sven; Wiegmann, Kilian; Rudnicki, Mark; Lieffers, Victor; Selker, John; Gougherty, Andrew; Miesbauer, Jason; Samelson, Roger; Wagner, Jim; Ambrose, Anthony; Detter, Andreas; Rust, Steffen

The tree motion data in this repository were collected from multiple sites with different sensors.
There are two types of data:

(a) 1-hour sample data from 27 sites (/one_hour_samples/*.csv). 
Each file represents a single tree and contains two columns representing the two horizontal axes of tree motion. 
These data are uncalibrated and do not have a time-stamp. File names refer to: 
for example
These filenames match the first column in the 'TreeSummary.csv' table

(b) long-term data from 9 data sets (/
The wind and tree data are stored in separate files for each day of data, 
labelled with site name, tree ID or wind, year, month, day.
For example Kershope_T25_1990_5_23

In each file, the first column is the time and date in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS
The following columns are tree motion data or wind data with units in the variable names. 
Some of the data were calibrated by pulling the tree with a known force, in these cases 
calibration coefficients are given in the 'TreeSummary' table

Wind data for the Australian data set is stored in the folder with data for each tree, 
because the trees were not close together enough to share a wind measurement.

The data for Orange, Storrs and Torrington were collected with inclinometers. The data
for all trees is stored together in each daily file.

The long-term tree motion data have not been pre-processed because user choices affect the results. 
Importantly, you will need to remove a varying offset (caused by sensor drift) from the tree motion data.
See discussion in the accompanying publication and references therein. 

Publication describing all collated data and necessary pre-processing.
Jackson, T. et al (2021) The motion of trees in the wind: a data synthesis. Biogeosciences. 

Australian data decsribed in:
James, K. et al (2006).: Mechanical stability of trees under dynamic loads, Am. J. Bot. doi:10.3732/ajb.93.10.1522

Kershope and Rivox data described in:
Gardiner, B. A., et al. "Field and wind tunnel assessments of the implications of respacing and thinning for tree stability." Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research 70.3 (1997): 233-252.

Kyloe and Clocaenog described in:
Hale, Sophie E., et al. "Wind loading of trees: influence of tree size and competition." European Journal of Forest Research 131.1 (2012): 203-217.

Orange, Storrs and Torrington described in: 
Bunce, Amanda, et al. "Determinants of tree sway frequency in temperate deciduous forests of the Northeast United States." Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 266 (2019): 87-96.

Other large tree motion data sets available at the time of writing (June 2021):

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