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Selected previous findings on the factors influencing the gluing quality of solid wood products in timber construction and possible developments: A review

Andreas Hänsel; Jakub Sandak; Anna Sandak; Juana Mai; Peter Niemz

Various factors affect the bonding quality of elements used for timber construction. This review includes literature studies and personal experiences related to relevant technological variables defining glue bond performance in glue-laminated timber elements during their service life. The gluing of hardwood species receives special focus as it is considered by the industry to be the most challenging process for implementation. In particular, the effects of wood species, type of adhesive, glued-wood surface quality, physical and/or chemical modification of the wood, technological solutions for gluing, and varying climatic conditions during the use phase (relative humidity, temperature, air circulation, etc.) are considered. In addition, overlapping of individual influencing factors often leads to problems with bonding, thus requiring strongly integrating measurement methods (e.g. NIR spectroscopy). The causes of variations in the results when glued wood is tested using different standardized methods are discussed. A list of open research questions is provided, and problem solutions are recommended based on systematized cuttingedge knowledge. The aim of the work is to systematize the state of knowledge of wood gluing to create a basis for controlled and stable manufacturing processes. The progress of the work will be reported in further publications.

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