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PX4/PX4-Autopilot: v1.12.0 Beta 4

Lorenz Meier; Daniel Agar; Beat Küng; Julian Oes; Thomas Gubler; Anton Babushkin; px4dev; Roman Bapst; Matthias Grob; Mark Charlebois; David Sidrane; Andreas Daniel Antener; James Goppert; Andrew Tridgell; Nuno Marques; Paul Riseborough; Dennis Mannhart; Mathieu Bresciani; Mark Whitehorn; PX4 Build Bot; Kabir Mohammed; Simon Wilks; Sander Smeets; Pavel Kirienko; Martina Rivizzigno; Mark Sauder; Silvan Fuhrer; JohanJansen; JaeyoungLim; Julien Lecoeur

This is the fourth beta of v1.12, which brings a number of significant improvements to PX4:

The full release notes are here:

  • Multi-EKF enabled by default
  • Safety (switch) defaults to off (motors are disarmed, but servos / flaps can move)
  • Safety switch is latching: Once it is disabled, it will stay disabled
  • Multicopter
  • UAVCANv0: Although the fundamental features like Firmware upgrades and parameter sync of CAN nodes have been implemented for over 5 years, we refreshed support now that finally, devices are on the market. Typical CAN GPS, airspeed and power modules are supported
  • UAVCANv0 Node: PX4 supported building nodes for many years - now we support building specific targets like the CUAV GPS units
  • UAVCANv1: Initial alpha of a complete end-to-end implementation
  • Fixedwing/VTOL significant TECS improvements
  • Magnetometer calibration faster and more robust
    • new soft iron calibration coefficients
    • automatically determine the rotation of external sensors
  • Gyro dynamic notch filtering with onboard FFT
  • Optimized rate control sensor pipeline (minimal inner loop end-to-end latency)
  • Added support for IRC Ghost including telemetry
  • new board support
    • PX4 FMUv6u
    • PX4 FMUv6x
    • CUAV X7/X7Pro
    • CUAV Nora
    • SP Racing H7 Extreme
    • Bitcraze Crazyflie v2.1
    • ARK CAN Flow
    • mRo Ctrl Zero H7 (experimental)

Differences to Beta 3:

  • Fixed a rate mismatch on PWM outputs on FMU

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