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sosy-lab/benchexec: Release 3.7

Philipp Wendler; Dirk Beyer

This is expected to be the last BenchExec release that supports Python 3.5, newer releases will require Python 3.6 or newer. Please cf. issue #717 for our plan on dropping support for further Python versions.

We would like to note that Linux kernel 5.11 brings a major improvement for BenchExec users not on Ubuntu:
Now it should be possible to use the overlayfs feature as a regular user, no need to pass `--read-only-dir /` and similar parameters.
We updated our installation instructions accordingly and also clarified that BenchExec requires x86 or ARM machines and recommend Linux kernel 4.14 or newer due to reduced cgroups overhead.

Changes in this release:

  • In HTML tables, the following settings are now stored in the hash part of the URL:
    • Column sorting
    • Page size of the table, i.e., how many rows are shown
    • Filters for task names that are defined by entering text into the left-most input field of the filter row of the table.
      Previously this would only work for task-name filters defined in the filter sidebar.
  • This means that using the back/forward navigation of the browser will change the above settings and that they can be present in shared links.
  • Fix a few cases of printing of statistics information in HTML tables.
    This affects corner cases like the number of visible decimal digits for `0` and trailing zeroes for the standard deviation in the tooltip.
  • When a user requests rounding to a certain number of decimal digits, the filtering functionality of the HTML tables will now use the raw values, not the rounded values.
  • This is consistent with the behavior when rounding is not explicitly requested and BenchExec applies the default rounding rules.
  • Fix harmless stack trace printed at end of `benchexec` execution in cases like of early termination, e.g., if the tool could not be found.
  • Some improvements to tool-info modules.
  • Several updates of JS libraries, but this should not bring user-visible changes.
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