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WU-BIMAC/NBOMicroscopyMetadataSpecs: 4DN-BINA-OME (NBO) Microscopy Metadata Specifications

Alessandro Rigano; Ulrike Boehm; James J. Chambers; Nathalie Gaudreault; Alison J. North; Jaime A. Pimentel; Damir Sudar; Peter Bajcsy; Claire M. Brown; Alexander D. Corbett; Orestis Faklaris; Judith Lacoste; Alex Laude; Glyn Nelson; Roland Nitschke; David Grunwald; Caterina Strambio-De-Castillia

Note: v2.01 is a minor release that corrects minor errors that were found in v2.00.

4DN-BINA-OME (NBO) Microscopy Metadata Specifications v2.0 is the result of a proposal put forth by the 4D Nucleome (4DN) Imaging Standards Working Group and by the Bioimaging North America (BINA) Quality Control and Data Management Working Group (QC-DM-WG) for a suite of tiered Microscopy Metadata Specifications that extend the October 2016 version of the OME Data Model schema.

v2.0 supersedes and replaces v1.07 of the guidelines, which were called Microscopy Metadata 4DN Guidelines.

The next version of the NBO Microscopy Metadata Specifications will be released as part of a community outreach effort conducted in collaboration with the Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Light Microscopy (QUAREP-LiMi) initiative.

Development continues! Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the next release v02-10 draft of the specifications.

Click here for a shortcut to the model directory. To create an issue, click on Issues, the "New Issue" button, and select whether you are submitting a proposed new feature/element or want to propose a change to elements of the current proposal.

Additional support: -- NSF grant #1917206 to D.G.; -- Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation) grant #2019-198155 (5022) awarded to C.S.D.C. as part of the Imaging Scientist Program. -- Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation) grant ##2020-225398 awarded to C.M.B. as part of the Imaging Scientist Program. - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) grant number Ni 451/9-1 MIAP-Freiburg, to R.N.
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