Dataset Open Access

SAT-Inspired Eliminations for Superposition

Petar Vukmirovic; Jasmin Blanchette; Marijn J.H. Heule

This archive contains the problems, raw evaluation results and scripts for
running the experiments described in the paper "SAT-Inspired Inprocessing for
Superposition" by Petar Vukmirovic, Jasmin Blanchette, and Marijn J.H. Heule
available at

The problems we used are stored in the "problems/" subdirectory, together with
the required axioms (directory "Axioms"). They are separated in two groups,
"Theorems" and "Satisfiable", as in the paper.

In the "results/" directory, there are 6 files with names of the form
"fD.csv", where D is a digit from 1 to 6. The digit corresponds to the
figure from the paper, and the corresponding file contains experiment results
for the figure labeled D. The columns give information about the results of the
experiment run for a given prover configuration (e.g., CPU time, reported
status, memory usage). Each row corresponds to one problem file, whose name is
given in the "prob_name" column.

The "i_solver" column corresponds to a prover. The "i_configuration" column
corresponds to a configuration, where i is a natural number identifying a
prover-configuration combination.

Files named "fDsummary.csv" contain concise summaries of evaluation runs
for a corresponding "fD.csv" file. Their columns are of the form
"{solver}_{configuration}", and rows contain different statistics described in
the "summary" column.

The names of the configurations are self-explanatory and correspond to the ones
used in the paper. For BCE, SPE, and PPE, if the configuration has no
"inprocessing" in the name, the corresponding technique is used as

The "zipperposition/" directory contains the scripts that execute the provided
Zipperposition binary (compiled only for Linux) on a given problem using a
given configuration. To run Zipperposition on a single problem using some
configuration, you can use scripts with the name "run_*.sh", where * stands for
the configuration used in the evaluation. The configuration names match the
ones described in the files "fD.csv".

The scripts take two arguments: (1) the path to the TPTP problem and (2) the
CPU timeout. For example, to run problem with the path "~/puzzling.p" using the
configuration "bce", execute

    ./ ~/puzzling.p 240

A working installation of python3 and bash is required.

The source code for Zipperposition can be obtained from the
"wip-hlbe-unit-eqs-checkpoint" branch of the Zipperposition git repository: The binary stored in "zipperposition/"
corresponds to compiled sources tagged with the commit hash
41b3398647e243c8bf6911b3ee4ed4928b4e445d. Compilation instructions are as in
the "" file contained in the git repository.

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