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"CatCam" Dataset [Biol. Cybern. 90(1):41-50]

Betsch, Belinda Y.; Einhäuser, Wolfgang; Körding, Konrad P.; König, Peter

The complete "CatCam" dataset as described in Betsch BY, Einhäuser W, Körding KP, König P (2004) The World from a Cat's Perspective - Statistics of Natural Videos. Biological Cybernetics, 90(1):41-50.

All frames of each movie are stored as consecutively numbered tiff-files and archived in a tar-file. Each movie will extract to a seperate directory, whose name is starting with "label..." and contains information on the recording parameters.

The data is freely available for academic use only. If you use these data for a publication, the aforementioned article needs to be cited.


Files (4.1 GB)
Name Size
movie01.tar md5:567b4b352f2c611d7b2b1a8d3cc16bdb 153.4 MB Download
movie02.tar md5:278119c2cb6594fc2d39551b358b212b 233.5 MB Download
movie03.tar md5:97c4b2dc58b5860b7405c9cd64e77e8a 246.9 MB Download
movie04.tar md5:050c56f475576ba2a18fc6cff114ec55 223.8 MB Download
movie05.tar md5:3242c60e69bab77299231f6d4ec6ec27 218.8 MB Download
movie06.tar md5:b53906d4e9be4a91aace744758b9d6fd 222.1 MB Download
movie07.tar md5:3a3187f4e19926f2bca983134a601a29 146.8 MB Download
movie08.tar md5:6fdceec3ae49e8d0508eca59fb3643fd 251.4 MB Download
movie09.tar md5:44f596168fe9f14e492dcc7c79d89b15 306.3 MB Download
movie10.tar md5:a63e34bc82999c24d0c43d905adddb47 354.9 MB Download
movie11.tar md5:bb948f5868b766c4ec4d9f1a0ff63c08 363.5 MB Download
movie12.tar md5:73442300f8162f27072bb54de9ff5851 69.8 MB Download
movie13.tar md5:ad5eccfda3a9913b5e0767106aa5cb8d 104.2 MB Download
movie14.tar md5:96f334ca39ffb941f771ce384a66d681 305.8 MB Download
movie15.tar md5:d88ee3c9086d634ff5cedfa6d6aec464 377.0 MB Download
movie16.tar md5:a98ee1f1f2c7b097a39c8bd5a7ea39f2 157.7 MB Download
movie17.tar md5:f65b1d7571a20019a059c78d91f7f4a3 364.1 MB Download
readme.txt md5:58394769941ab672c04a6036077c783a 843 Bytes Download


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