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Contribución al conocimiento de los Pyramidelloidea (Gastropoda: Heterostropha) del Mediterráneo español

Peñas, Anselmo; Templado, José; Martínez, José Luis

The 91 species of Pyramidelloidea found in the Mediterranean Spanish coasts are listed, along with the localities in which they were found and the number of specimens studied in each one. Thirty one of these species are recorded for the first time in the geographic area covered for this study, and 17 constitute first records for the Spanish coasts: Chrysallida brattstroemi Warén, 1991, Chrysallida ghisottii (van Aartsen, 1984), Eulimella ataktos Warén, 1991, Puposyrnola minuta (H. Adams, 1869), Odostomia angusta Jeffreys, 1867, O. turriculata Monterosato, 1869, O. rutor Nofroni y Schander, 1994, O. afzelii (Warén, 1991), O. hansgei (Warén, 1991), Ondina dilucida (Monterosato, 1884), T. micans (Monterosato, 1875), Turbonilla bedoti Dautzenberg, 1913, T. guernei Dautzenberg, 1889, T. multilirata (Monterosato, 1875), T. sinuosa (Jeffreys, 1884) and Bacteri dium carinatum (De Folin, 1869). The species E. ataktos, O. hansgei, T. bedoti, T. guernei and T. joubini are recorded for the first time into the Mediterranean Sea. A brief diagnosis of all genera and species and a key to species are given. Some taxonomic remarks and brief comments on bathymetric and geographic distribution of the species are included. S.E.M. photographs of all the species mentioned are also included.

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